Who We Are? We are who you thought we are!! 

E.motion is a welcome relief to your hectic routine. Enter a place where fitness and relaxation takes center stage. Our dedicated and professional staff will give you the service and attention you deserve. Let us help you take care of yourself. 

E.motion is more than a gym. Together we are a community of like-minded people who have made a commitment to take care of your mind and body while making it fun along the way. Our facilities and equipment create an environment that both relaxes and invigorates the mind and body.

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Erik Caraballo - Owner and Founder

I grew up in NYC with parents and a family who knew the importance of being fit. 
I was always active and played sports all through high school. After high school,
I did what many members of my family had done before me and joined the Navy. While in the 
Navy, I helped to implement and install one of the first gyms aboard a Naval ship. Once I moved on
from my time in the navy, while working for a private security company, I realized how much being 
physically fit had impacted my life. So, I set off on my quest to help any one who needed my help to
improve there physical well being, what ever that entailed, whether it be weight loss, strengthening and
conditioning, or even simply being able to walk properly after surgery. That's when I started training for ,
at the time the only fortune 500 fitness company, Jack Lalanne, that would later become
Bally's Total Fitness. While at Bally's, I became certified by them. I also became certified by AFAA
for Personal Training, as well as Group Fitness. Once certified, and once I was helping people, it just fueled
me to continue my education with ECA World Fitness.  
I also became certified in other modalities such as Spining and TRX ,while practicing Yoga and Tai Chi.
After leaving Bally's, and several years in the industry training individual at homes, I ended up in a 
a little red house in Darien that was called Fitness Together. Fast forward.... 10 yrs. after meeting great people
who I would consider my second family, I decided to open what is our new home E.motion Fitness